Top 7 Most Expensive Phone of The World

TOP 7 MOST EXPENSIVE PHONE OF THE WORLD: For all the rich techno-freaks who want to enjoy the technology in some style and for that money doesn’t bother them. Here is the list of top 7 most expensive phones of the world. Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6: Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone6 is ranked… Read More »

Time Changes? CHAIWALAS Always Create History

Time Changes? CHAIWALAS Always Create History Another chaiwala steals the thunder, after the success of our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi who was formally a chai-wala in Gujarat. There is this another chai-wala from Pakistan following his league. Earlier there were engineers, doctors, scientists who used to create history by doing something out of the box… Read More »

Huawei Honor 6x Review

Huawei Honor 6x Review Chinese mobile manufacturer, Huawei announced its mid-range smartphone series Honor 6x with dual camera setup on its back. It is expected to release on 25th October but the date is still not confirmed. The handset is available for pre-order in China. Huawei Honor 6x: The handset comes with a screen size… Read More »

Bigg Boss 10 – Everything You Might Want To Know

Bigg Boss 10 – Everything You Might Want To Know Bigg Boss is back and everyone is excited about this new season. Amidst all the rumours and news regarding the contestants, the final list of contestants is also out. The list looks mind blowing as this time the contestants include celebrities along with some commoners… Read More »

Top 10 Technology Trends

TOP 10 TECHNOLOGY TRENDS: Everything evolves with the time so why does technology stay behind, it is also growing with time making people more and more dependent upon technology. From waking up to the beep of an alarm clock to sleeping at night, we are surrounded by the technology. Every year we replace an old… Read More »

Comparison Between Apple and Samsung

Comparison Between Apple and Samsung: “Apple vs. Samsung” is a controversial topic. There is no perfect answer to the question that which one is better and which one is not. Apple still retains its image of being the high-class Smartphone and the only phone that has come close to it is “Samsung”. Whenever a list… Read More »

Anki Cozmo Robot Review: Specs, Features, Photos, Price and Videos

Anki Cozmo Robot Everyone is fascinated by the idea of having a robotic helper after the science fiction movies. What if I say that now you can actually get a robot of your own to play with? Yes, you heard it right. San-Francisco company Anki has launched its real-life robot “Cozmo” which has a personality… Read More »

Whats App v/s Allo

WhatsApp v/s Allo: Whatsapp has been like the king of all instant messaging apps since long. Many apps came trying to compete, but it has always remained in its top position. Now Google has also joined the race with the launch of its messenger “Allo”. Allo has some really unique features that are lacking in… Read More »