10 Brilliant Excuses That Can Bail You out From Bad Situations

By | January 23, 2017

10 Brilliant Excuses That Can Bail You out From Bad Situations:

Every now and then we face situations that make us feel uncomfortable or awkward, we try to avoid such situations with some cover-up excuse. Mostly we end up getting caught as one lie leads to another which leads to another and we end up making the chain.

What if we have a small handbook of excuses that may work in any situation whether be an awkward date or an awful social event.

Here are some brilliant excuses that might be used to bail out of any bad situation:

  1. People say that at the end of the day it’s your family that supports you so why not take fake help from your family. Say that someone is sick and you can’t make it. If already there, say that your brother/mom called there is some emergency and rush out before anyone asks what the emergency is.
  2. Pretend as if you have lost your keys or cell phone or maybe your wallet and escape the scene by saying that perhaps you have left it at home and you need to check it. In the case of cell phone keep in mind to keep the cell phone in silent mode.
  3. Work excuses always work fine as no one can question that. Pretend as if there is a work emergency and you need to be at your office urgently. Again you need to play this one really cool; you can’t say there is a work emergency at night.
  4. If you are at a social gathering, pretend that you feel like your stomach is upset. For this make a plot, complain about the food a couple of times, go to the washroom three to four times, ask people if they feel that the food is fine. This would make the whole scene sound genuine and leave saying that you need to see a doctor.
  5. Ask a friend to call, pick up and shout saying “WHAT?!?” to attract the attention of the people nearby. Then, make an excuse like your neighbour called someone broke into your house or your car is towed.
  6. Food poisoning is the one of the best excuse ever. No one would force you to go anywhere after that.
  7. Make up a fictional friend and say that he/she is coming to the town to meet you.
  8. Pretend that you ate or drank something that you were allergic to. Nobody would ask further questions. For the excuse to seem real, learn some medical terms that would support it.
  9. Spill your drink on your dress and say that it’s really uncomfortable being in the dress. This excuse would easily help you get out of the place in no time.
  10. Pretend that you felt asleep for long and lost track of time.

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