7 Reasons Why We Lose Friends

By | January 13, 2017

7 Reasons Why We Lose Friends:

When we are small, we think that the people we call our friends, will remain with us forever, we claim them to be our BFFs, i.e., Best friends forever. While entering adulthood, we lose most of those BFFs and realise nothing is permanent in life, not even friends. With time, everything changes so do people.

Here is a List of Probable Reasons Why We Lose Friends:

  1. As stated earlier, time changes everything, priorities of life changes too. As we grow up, we tend to spend more and more time focusing on our respective careers that it leaves us with little time to meet our friends. In this process of earning and becoming worthy, we tend to lose our friends. It’s only later in life that we realise that we have lost the people that we used to call our friends, but it’s already too late by then.
  2. Love is the major reason to ruin a perfectly defined friendship. There are times when one of the two friends, find a person of their love interest. The time that the individual used to give to his/her friend becomes the time he/she spends with their partner and in the process friendship is ignored. The other friend feels left out, and it’s very late in life that they realise this but till then everything is lost.
  3. As science states that there can never be output without input, friendship works on the same logic too. Friendship is not as effortless as it seems. Making a friend is easy, but it takes a lot of effort to maintain that friendship regardless of time and distance barriers. While we are enjoying our school/ college days, we never realise this as everything is easy and handy, but we enter into the work phase, maintaining this friendship becomes difficult. We tend to lose like a lot of friends in this phase as at this point, giving up on things seems easier than holding onto them.
  4. There are times when ego comes in between friendships. One person keeps trying being in contact with the other one but the other one never makes an effort even to reply. There comes the point when that person feels like being a clingy friend and feels that if tries to contact more than he/she is doing nothing else but depreciating his/her value. Thus, even the little effort that was there is also lost.
  5. There comes the point in life where our friends find new friends. It is a difficult feeling to cope up with. Being replaced is the worst feeling, but it happens to most of us. The more possessive we become of them, the more bitter the relationship becomes.
  6. Insecurities make two people distant. People have all sorts of insecurities like in terms of money, job, family values, love life, etc. There may be cases when two friends start from the same level, but one achieves heights, and the other one is just where he/she starts. Then these insecurities make us part ways as the presence of the other one in life makes our lives more miserable.
  7. There are times when we find that the greatest of our friends are nothing more than just a bad influence for us. We take the mature decision of cutting them off from our lives for our own betterment.

There are also cases when we realise that the people with whom we used to have timeless conversations, now seem forceful. You realise that you have grown up and the person is still at the point where you left off, and at this point, the friendship is kind of over.



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