7 Ways To Get Her To Text You Back

By | January 17, 2017

7 Ways To Get Her To Text You Back:

You somehow managed to set up a date with her, you went on a date with her, you managed to make it somehow go well. Now, you plan to text her but can’t as you are not sure if she is going to text you back or not. Now wondering, only if there were few hacks to get her to text you back.

Ways To Get Her To Text You Back

Ways To Get Her To Text You Back

Don’t worry guys; there are some small hacks that may help you. I won’t say it works on every girl but yeah it works on most of them and its worth a try I guess.

  1. Your display picture speaks a lot about you, choose it wisely. The kind where you look your best. Maybe showing your physique and if it is not your best feature, then maybe your face at an angle where you look your best. A hot display picture may result in a reply sometimes.
  2. Put a display picture with a hot girl. Maybe a hot cousin or a hot friend. She would be curious enough to know who she is, maybe because of jealousy or curiosity. That is your moment to start a never ending conversation by keeping her interested in you.
  3. Put a picture with an animal. Who doesn’t love a cute animal picture? Take pictures with your own pet or your friend’s pet such that it looks like you really love playing with them even if you don’t. This draws the attention of a girl as she would think that you are an animal lover and girls usually like guys who are good with animals.
  4. This is one of the most fool-proof ways to attract someone’s attention but be careful with this one. Send any random text like “It is always fun talking to you.”. She will instantly reply “Thank You” or anything else. At that moment, apologise by saying that it was not meant for her though it was fun talking to her. She would think that you are a social person and may continue the conversation.
  5. Start your conversation with a random name. Like if her name is “Kareena” call her “Karishma”, she would reply for sure even if she is texting to correct you. Take that opportunity and make the most out of it.
  6. Remember small details about your conversation and randomly someday send her something out of those details with a caption that it reminds you of her. There may be chances that you may have to search hours on internet or shop to shop to find the perfect something, but it would mean a lot to her. It would mean that you actually listened to her and thought about her. Girls are into such stuff.
  7. Last, of all, I would say that wait patiently for her to text you back. There may be chances that she actually likes you and would genuinely text back.

Guys stop showing girls how desperate you are even if you are. Girls anyways hate desperate guys who keep on texting her every hour of a day.


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