All About Apple iOS 10.3

By | January 3, 2017

All about Apple iOS 10.3:

Apple, the name that symbolises innovation itself, is coming with its next major release with this new year. Since this is a major update, hence is named as iOS 10.3 as per the Apple’s standards. There is also news that this update is being developed under the filename “Erie”.

In one of his tweets, Sonny Dickson revealed that the testing of Apple iOS 10.3 would begin on 10th of January. He also said that the new release would focus on the introduction of a new feature “Theatre Mode”.

This Theatre Mode would be added to the Control Center of the iPhones and iPads. The icon for the same would be a popcorn. The exact functionality of this new feature is still not known. Although there might be some guesses on the name, it may be something related to the movie playback, some mode of viewing the video in an optimised mode. Though, Dickson believes that it is going to be an enhanced Dark Mode.

If we go as per the tweets by Dickson, there might be one other assumption that this one option would dim the screen and mute the audio and notifications, thereby making it ideal to be used in theatres. As far as my belief, using the smartphones or smart device should be strictly prohibited in a theatre as it is a cause of disturbance whether ringing or not.

This update is also expected to provide a fix for 30% bug affecting the iPhone5 and iPhone6s users.

iOS 10.3 would be the eighth update in the series of iOS 10 update in last four months. This is the fastest release rate in the history of iOS before the release of iOS 10 in September 2017.

All the iOS users, get ready to receive this brand new update and hopefully the one to fix all the major as well as minor glitches.

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