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Don 3 Coming Soon

Don 3 Coming Soon It’s five years to the release of Don 2 ; a sequel Don 3 is expected to be launched soon. Shahrukh Khan has been loved for being a villain in both Don and Don 2. From romantic, love-struck Rahul to the stylish badass villain, Shahrukh Khan has given a fabulous performance,… Read More »

Bigg Boss 10 – Everything You Might Want To Know

Bigg Boss 10 – Everything You Might Want To Know Bigg Boss is back and everyone is excited about this new season. Amidst all the rumours and news regarding the contestants, the final list of contestants is also out. The list looks mind blowing as this time the contestants include celebrities along with some commoners… Read More »

Why do Direwolves matter in Game of Thrones?

Why do Direwolves matter in Game of Thrones? The fictional story of “Game of Thrones” holds a very tight theme with many controversies over the grabbing of the land of Westeros. In the story, there are many gothic elements. The story is based on different exotic locations, it has a strong fascination of the past,… Read More »

Azor Ahai – Games of Thrones

Azor Ahai – Games of Thrones The long 800 pages “Games of Thrones” carry with it the entire story of eight different characters into three different sessions. The high-fantasy novel “Games of Thrones” is the first novel in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. The story of this very novel is entirely based on different… Read More »

Justice League

Justice League Now that Marvel has developed into a name for super heroes, its DC’s turn to buff up. Teaming up with Warner bros the group has shown the mark of excellence with the release of Man of steel in 2013 and recent release of Batman vs. Superman: dawn of justice in 2016 which is… Read More »

X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse After a long time Director Bryan Singer has returned to X-Men series by uniting original X-Men with younger X-Men in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and this time he has brought something new out of changed timeline of X-Men “X-Men: Apocalypse”. Bryan Singer has promised that this movie is going to be more… Read More »

Suicide Squad Cast, Characters: All You Wanna Know

When it comes to highly dangerous missions Task Force X is called. The task Force X is another name for Suicide Squad which is a team of supervillians, which is secretly run by U.S government to carry out black ops missions and return jail sentences are reduced for team members. It is believed that the… Read More »

15 Best Shooting Games for Android

You really can’t get as much actions as you get with rifles and bazookas in shooting games, not matter if they are first person shooter games or second person shooter games, they are always in for best action in mobile gaming. So, for those who want to explore the best of shooting games, we have… Read More »

Pokemon GO Gameplay Video

Get on your feet if you are a Pokemon lover as this game is not made to be played at home. Pokemon Go has already created sensation of excitement only by its leaked video. Niantic labs and Nintendo have developed this game to be played at places that we visit daily. This title is a… Read More »

Assassin’s Creed: The Movie, Everything You Need to Know

Introduction Finally, Ubisoft announced a movie starring Michael Fassbender on Assassin’s creed which will hit theatres on 21 December 2016. But the screenplay is not a sequel to the game. It has new characters like Callum lynch, the modern day descendent city dweller of the Assassin Aguilar. But addition of new characters doesn’t affect the… Read More »

Captain America Civil War: Spiderman First Look!

The second trailer for Captain America Civil War trailer is out, and finally the most awaited moment is here. There have been many speculations about which team Spiderman a.k.a. Peter Parker will join in Captain America. Finally, as it seems like Spiderman has joined a team, Team Iron Man. In the trailer which is released… Read More »

BioShock Collection Release Date And More

Sneak Peek: Bioshock collection release date will be sometime in late February or early March according to our sources. The internet has been filled with rumors about the upcoming collection of BioShock series, but now it seems more likely that we will be seeing the collection going official soon. The Brazil Advisory Board has released… Read More »

Star Wars 7:The Force Awakens to be released on Blu-ray on April 5

Sneak Peek: Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens will be released on Blu-ray discs on April 5, 2016. The Blu-ray ser will consist of 3 discs, 2 Blu-ray discs and one DVD. Basically the two Blu-ray discs will feature the original movie, and the DVD might be dedicated for only Bonus content. Star Wars 7:… Read More »

Game of Thrones Season 6: All we know so far

Game of Thrones Season 6 Sneak Peek:  Game of Thrones Season 6:Is Jon Snow dead or alive? Arya Stark is blind? Sansa Stark is pregnant? Bran Stark will return to the show. There will be a war between Queens. The Hound might not be dead. Red Priests & Red Priestess, The Servant of Red God. Story… Read More »

Flash: What will happen in the upcoming episodes

Flash The best episode yet in Season 2 of the most popular TV series by DC, The Flash. The latest episode-Welcome to Earth 2 is as awesome and amazing as its name is. In the episode, Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash closes all the breaches to Earth 2 except the one located in S.T.A.R. Labs,… Read More »

Captain America Civil War: Teams

Captain America Civil War Is an upcoming American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Captain America, produced by Marvel Studios. Captain America Civil War The biggest war of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is approaching and the hype and excitement are also increasing. Marvel has released just one video footage of the movie Captain America… Read More »

Kung Fu Panda 3 Dreamworks

Kung Fu Panda 3 Dreamworks Production   Sneak Peek: Kung Fu Panda 3 produced by Dreamworks Films has been released in Canada and USA. And will hit Indian theatres by April. Our funky Kung Fu masters have arrived once again to beat the laughter out of fans with their special Kung Fu.   When Po’s… Read More »

Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice

Batman vs Superman Is Just Two Months Away From Its Official Release – DC Universe.   Sneak peek: More images from the movie Dawn of Justice: Batman Vs Superman has been released for the audience, featuring Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, Louis Lane, Batmobile, Clark Kent’s Office, Bruce Wayne’s family graves. And also confirms the involvement of DARKSEID… Read More »