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All About The Surface Phone

All About The Surface Phone: With the rule of the great pioneers like Apple and Google in the smartphone kingdom, Microsoft too is trying his level best to get in the competition with them. Microsoft has joined hands with Qualcomm technology to bring his Surface phone as a competition to the iPhone by Apple and… Read More »

CES 2017 – New Robots LG Going To Unveil

CES 2017 – New Robots LG Going To Unveil: LG said that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to be the highlight of CES 2017, and it would unveil at least three new robots. LG HOM-BOT, designed as an automated vacuum cleaner for homes, is innovated to produce LG’s first non-cleaning robots that are… Read More »

New Gadgets Claim To Give You a Sound Sleep

New Gadgets Claim To Give You a Sound Sleep Technology is improving day by day, and with the betterment of this technology, humans can perform the tasks with ease. Now, there are apps to work as your personal assistant to remind you to get hydrated hourly or how many calories you gain or lose or… Read More »

Hyve Pryme Reviews

Hyve Pryme Reviews A new Delhi-based mobility start-up, Hyve Mobility launched its first smartphone in 2016. The aim of the company is to offer differentiating technologies and best after-sales services to its customers. The company launched its third smartphone, Pryme,  in collaboration with Taiwanese semiconductor company, MediaTek. The smartphone is expected to launch in November… Read More »

Xiaomi Piston 3 Pro In-Ear Headphones

Xiaomi Piston 3 Pro In-ear Headphones Xiaomi has been in the race to produce a number of its competitive flagship smartphones. Along with these smartphones, the company has launched many smartphone accessories to enhance user experience. One of such accessory is the Piston series of earphones. Xiaomi has launched its new in-ear headphones called the… Read More »

Get Ready To Drive The Fastest Vehicle on The Planet

Get Ready To Drive The Fastest Vehicle on The Planet Since 1951, Land Cruiser has been one of the best-selling SUVs from Toyota. These SUVs have a fierce look on outside while is comfortable on the inside. The SUVs have a powerful engine and reliable wheel drive system. Following the lead of the ancestors, here… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S8

So Here’s What You Can Expect From Samsung Galaxy S8: So here is one more addition to the Galaxy series by Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S8 is the much-awaited smartphone. It is expected to be launched in the market by the month of February’17. This device is expected to be a grand release throughout the world… Read More »

iPhone 8 Everything We Need To Know

iPhone8: With the completion of 10 years to the iPhones, Apple has something major planned up. There are lots of rumours concerning the hints of the launch of iPhone8. iPhone8 is expected to be one of the most exciting gadgets of 2017. Apple has not confirmed on the name “iPhone8” yet. It is just a… Read More »

Xiaomi’s Future Concept Smartphone

Xiaomi’s Future Concept Smartphone After the launch of Mi Note 2 and Mi VR headset, Xiaomi introduces its new revolutionary handset called the Mi MIX. The device is designed by French designer Philippe Starck. The device comes with an edgeless design, a 17:9 display with a 91.3% screen-to-body ratio. With the screen-to-body ratio of 91.3%,… Read More »

Google’s Project Soli: Controlling Devices Using Hand Gestures

Google’s Project Soli Google ATAP’s Project SOLI is a tiny radar chip revolutionising gesture recognition. Google ATAP has brought touch fewer interfaces to the market using a tiny radar chip. Soli is expected to solve the problems faced with Android Wear. Google’s Project Soli was a topic of talk at Google I/O 2016 conference conducted… Read More »

Windows 10 Creator Update

Windows 10 Creator Update: Windows 10 Creator’s Update, known as Redstone 2 is planned to be released this Spring’17. Like most of the updates from Microsoft, this update is also available free of cost. It includes many new features. The features of the Windows were announced at an event by Microsoft on October 26, 2016.… Read More »

New One Plus 3T With Snapdragon 821 Coming Soon

New OnePlus 3T With Snapdragon 821 Coming Soon After the release of OnePlus3, the fastest smartphone available currently. Chinese manufacturer, OnePlus, strives to provide a handset that is better than OnePlus3. As a result, OnePlus is planning to release a version of OnePlus3 with slightly upgraded specifications namely OnePlus3T. It is expected to be faster… Read More »

Automation – A Threat To Jobs

AUTOMATION – A THREAT TO JOBS : Automation as the definition says is the use or introduction of equipment in a manufacturing or other process or facility. With the introduction of the automation in various service sector leads to the replacement of human labour with the robots or artificial intelligence. Earlier, only the jobs that… Read More »

Motorola Moto Z Reviews

Motorola Moto Z As a part of the flagship ‘Z’, Lenovo-owned Motorola recently launched its Moto Z smartphone. Moto Z is not just about the raw hardware specifications but their claim to fame is the modularity of the handset. Moto Z is compatible with hot-swappable ‘Moto Mods’ that can be snapped to the handset, thus… Read More »

Top 7 Most Expensive Phone of The World

TOP 7 MOST EXPENSIVE PHONE OF THE WORLD: For all the rich techno-freaks who want to enjoy the technology in some style and for that money doesn’t bother them. Here is the list of top 7 most expensive phones of the world. Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6: Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone6 is ranked… Read More »

Top 10 Technology Trends

TOP 10 TECHNOLOGY TRENDS: Everything evolves with the time so why does technology stay behind, it is also growing with time making people more and more dependent upon technology. From waking up to the beep of an alarm clock to sleeping at night, we are surrounded by the technology. Every year we replace an old… Read More »

Comparison Between Apple and Samsung

Comparison Between Apple and Samsung: “Apple vs. Samsung” is a controversial topic. There is no perfect answer to the question that which one is better and which one is not. Apple still retains its image of being the high-class Smartphone and the only phone that has come close to it is “Samsung”. Whenever a list… Read More »

Whats App v/s Allo

WhatsApp v/s Allo: Whatsapp has been like the king of all instant messaging apps since long. Many apps came trying to compete, but it has always remained in its top position. Now Google has also joined the race with the launch of its messenger “Allo”. Allo has some really unique features that are lacking in… Read More »

Zenfone 3 Series Reviews: Specification, Features, Price, Photos and Video

Asus Zenfone 3 Series The Taiwanese company “Asus” unveiled its new Zenfone 3 series of smartphones in India. At its event “Zenvolution” in New Delhi, it introduces the mass to the new Zenfone 3, Zenfone 3 Deluxe, Zenfone 3 Laser and Zenfone 3 Ultra. Asus has always focused on budget-to-mid segment smartphones when it comes to… Read More »

Huawei Honor 8: Specs, Price, Features & Photos

HUAWEI HONOR 8 Yet another affordable and stylish model for all the budget conscious people, Huawei launched Honor8 after the successful launch of its predecessor, Honor 7. Let’s take a sneak peak. Let’s start with the very beginning, the un boxing of the handset. The company tried to show its creativeness when it comes to… Read More »

LG and Sony to manufacture camera module for Iphone 7

LG and Sony to manufacture camera module for Iphone 7 Sneak Peek: LG will also contribute in manufacturing camera modules for the iPhone 7 family because of the short supply from Sony. All the variants of iPhone 7 will feature optical image stabilization. As the day of iPhone 7 launch is nearing, the rumor mill… Read More »