Planning For Your Perfect Dream Wedding?

By | November 24, 2016

Planning For Your Perfect Dream Wedding?

Wedding is one of the most tedious and long drawn affair thanks to the scale at which Indian weddings take place. A smooth and incident free wedding need months of planning and coordination with vendors and suppliers which take up a lot of time and energy.

Planning For Your Perfect Dream Wedding

Planning For Your Perfect Dream Wedding

Wedding is like another festival in India. There are a lot of things to be kept in mind. Now the question arises where to begin with?

Let’s try getting an answer to this question.


Setting up a date is the initial step to the planning as knowing the date means knowing how much time you have to prepare for the wedding. With all the pandits involved and matching of kundlis, we finally arrive at a date for the auspicious occasion.


Deciding a budget for the wedding is one of the most important aspects of the wedding. Weddings tend to be costly and sometimes may consume all your savings. In order to keep a check on the expenditure, it is important to work as per the budget to avoid unwanted expenses. Always keep that in mind that even after setting a specific budget and hours of planning to fit your budget, you must still keep some money in the buffer. While in the way to the wedding day, you may see expenses piling up from all the directions.

Number of Guests:

After deciding on the budget, you may proceed to decide upon the number of guests who you are planning to invite. You may call thousands of guests and have a big fat Indian wedding, or you can choose few of the near and dear ones. Someone whom you have met for once or twice may not be count in the invitation list. If you are planning a small ceremony with close friends, relatives and acquaintances then you may even organise a casual dinner later that night.


Ask yourself if you have a location which you always thought that is perfect for the wedding. If yes, then check if it can accommodate all your wedding guests. If yes, then call the venue to check for the availability for the wedding date and how much would it cost you. If it fits your budget, then book it right away. If it exceeds your budget, then find some other venue that might be similar but budget friendly. Besides the budget, also keep in mind that the venue must be accessible to your guests.


Choosing the right caterer is one of the most important decisions in the wedding. The first question that every next person asks you after you return from the wedding is about how good the food was and what all was on the menu. People usually depend upon the suggestions from family or friends.


Make a list of all the ceremonies that you are planning to hold for your wedding. Indian weddings are full of ceremonies like haldi, mehndi, sangeet, cocktail parties, baraat, pheras and a post-wedding party. Decide the ceremonies that you want for your wedding early as you need to give an idea regarding the number of events and the number of guests to the catering services. After you are done with the list, you must have a rough idea on a number of events and number of people expected at each event.


Now with the decision regarding venue and number of events, you must plan how do you want the decor for the events to be. It seems to be a minor aspect, but it covers much of the expenses during weddings. Choosing the lights, flowers, manpower and other decorative elements tend to be pricey as per the quality of materials that you want. There would be plenty of designs to choose from ranging from simple and cost effective to designer/elaborate and expensive. If you need cost cutting for your wedding, this would be the place where you could try to balance out things.


Nowadays, most weddings are followed by the pictures on social media websites as couples go for the expensive photographers to take the perfect picture of their wedding.  People go for a pre-wedding photoshoot as well as a post wedding photoshoot; this might affect your budget. Go for a high profile photographer only if the budget allows. If you want the shoot for fun and for future memories, then you may ask your friend with a DSLR to showcase his talent and save some bucks.


Indian weddings are incomplete without the music, dance, DJ, firecrackers. Keep a budget aside for these things. Appoint a person who can oversee these arrangements on your behalf as these things as you have other things to work on rather than these things which can be co-ordinated by the other person.


Well if you think that the list is complete so think again. There are other things like

  • Choosing the perfect invitation card and sending them to your relatives.
  • Planning for the travel and accommodation of the wedding guests.
  • Wedding favours and gifts
  • Booking a parlour for the perfect hair and makeup.

After the completion of these major tasks, you may take a long breath of relief, though there might be other small tasks to any other person can handle it on your behalf. It’s your wedding, after all, enjoy it to fullest as you get married once.

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