Signs He Is Not Going To Marry You

By | December 13, 2016

Signs He Is Not Going To Marry You:

Imagine a scenario where you have been dating the guy for long, and now you feel like you want to settle down, but then you realise that you both are not on the same page. Marriage is something that not everyone wishes for. There is no handbook to whether he is going to marry you or not but there are surely some signs that may indicate his intentions.

Every time you pop the question for the marriage related stuff, he either laughs it off or changes the subject. It may be a sign/ indication that he is not comfortable making a promise for marrying you. This may be something that he may not want to commit at the moment, but it may also mean that the guy is not ready for any kind of matrimonial stuff.

This guy might have already made up his mind regarding his future, and you may not be involved in the picture. It’s better to talk this stuff out, and if it feels that things are not going in the right direction, you may want to leave the person for your own good.

When a guy is ready to spend time with you but says that he doesn’t believe in marriage. In such a scenario, the guy means that he doesn’t believe in marriage with you. This means that you yourself are spending time with the guy, but the wedding is off the table.

You guys act as a couple, spend time together, talk all the time, but he doesn’t call you his girlfriend. This may mean that he may be having some commitment issues. If he is not ready to commit as your actual boyfriend, how could you expect him to commit as a husband?

Check out for his reaction when you bring up topics related to marriage. If he gets angry, annoyed or defensive, this means one of the two things, either he is being called out on it, or he is really sick and tired of hearing about the marriage talk. In both the cases, it is not a good sign.

Marriage is not only the union of two people, but it is the union of their respective families. If he is not interested in you, then he might not show interest in meeting your family or letting you hang out with his family. He would keep both the families separated. By doing this, he would ensure that his family doesn’t get attached to you or vice versa.

If he acts distant, doesn’t talk much about his problems and always talks about taking a break, marriage is definitely off the table in that case.

When he tells you about his future plans, you are not a part of it. This means he doesn’t see you as a part of his future. It is always like “my house”, “my car” instead of “our house”, “our car”. At present, you may act as his support system, but down the lane, you may get ditched.

He doesn’t show much interest in your future plans. This lack of interest in your future means that he isn’t planning his life with you in his mind.

In a normal relationship, people are able to talk out their problems with their partner easily. If he hesitates on discussing his issues with you or threatens to break up with you at the drop of a hat or if he clams up. This is a sign that he is not ready for marriage. Even if he proposes, the marriage is likely to be short termed.

If a guy asks for more time to think about marriage, then he may not be the one. A guy knows what he wants within the half year of dating. If he repeated uses this line then surely you need to search for the one who is sure about what he wants.

He might downplay your relationship in public. This kind of behaviour shows that he isn’t proud of being with you. Also, that he is even hiding his status of being taken from others. If he doesn’t flaunt you in public, do you think he would be comfortable walking hand in hand with you after marriage?

The affection and level of commitment that you feel should present in the relationship should not be begged or pleaded for. If you have to be desperate for that, then you may want to rethink about where the relationship is going.

When he always has an excuse to evade the marriage question. He said he wants House. He has the house, now he wants a car, followed by the number of excuses. Trust me you won’t get a ring at the end.

If he views marriage as the end of his freedom or death sentence or traps the women to gain her half of the possessions. He would never end up marrying you. It’s not because of you, but it’s that he is a selfish bastard.

If he straight away tells that he won’t stand against his family in case you need their approval in marriage. If he is not sure at this moment, he won’t be any time later.

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