Things To Be Avoided While Flirting With a Girl

By | November 23, 2016

Things To Be Avoided While Flirting With a Girl

Flirting is not an easy business. For some men, it’s natural; it doesn’t make much efforts for them to please a girl while for others, it’s a constant struggle. If only there were a guide or assistant to help. What would really work on a girl depends upon the girl herself. There are no do’s to this part, but there are definitely some don’ts that must be avoided.

Here comes the list of things that are to be avoided while flirting with a girl:

First, comes the eye contact. Everyone says that maintaining eye contact is the first step to flirting. Well, proper eye contact must be maintained. There is a huge difference between eye contact and staring. If you both are playing games with your eyes, then it’s ok but don’t keep staring. The girl will freak out and would think that you are a creep.

Don’t be that cheesy guy who uses pick up lines on girls. Pick up lines only work in Bollywood movies instead go ahead and strike up a conversation with the girl.

Girls do like funny guys, but the sense of humour must be healthy. If you meet a girl and compliment her on her moustache, then it is clearly not a joke. She would be insulted in the name of humour. Don’t insult her, try to be funny. Also, avoid making sexist jokes as not everyone appreciates these kinds of jokes.

Try to be the original version of yourself, don’t be someone you are not. Distinguish between the lies that you can pull off and the ones you can’t.

Even if you are really interested in a girl, don’t act desperate. Don’t use social media websites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, to send her requests everywhere at the same time. No girl appreciates a stalker so don’t keep liking random pictures in her profile. Just calm down.

Some girls like to speak a lot. You might want her to think that you are a good listener but don’t fake too much. It may make you look crazy with a constant nodding with your head. She might even think that you are bored if you act that way.

It is usually considered chivalrous when a guy pays for dinner/ shopping at the end but don’t keep buying stuff for her. Some girls might appreciate this act, but not every girl is like this. Being an individual, they too want to pay their end. It might hurt their ego.

If you want to impress a girl, then use your character instead of showing off your money or the number of cars you own or the number of push-ups that you can do in a minute.

Maintain a proper and safe distance while talking to her. Do not get too close to her. This might intrude her personal space.

A little touch occasionally is fine, don’t keep on touching her constantly if she allows you to touch her. Respect her instead of being a creep, do not get too touchy unless you want her hand on your face.

After the first meeting, if you want to continue conversation ask for her number yourself instead of getting it from some mutual friend and then freaking her out with a surprise text at midnight.

If you really think that things might work out between you guys then walk up to her and tell her about your feelings. Do not seek her best friend’s support to convey your feelings that might just make you look like a coward.

Understand the hints that she might be dropping. If she starts flirting, respond back instead of hiding your face. If she doesn’t, take the lead. Let there be no awkward silences or obligatory smiles.

If you feel that things are not as they were supposed to be then, do not force conversations on her. A bad conversation is dangerous than no conversation at all.

Most of all, take the time to observe and know when your chance is over. Understand when it is the time to stop pursuing her. Don’t push things to a point where it becomes humiliating for you and annoying for her.

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