Why Girls Choose Bad Boys Over Nice Ones

By | January 12, 2017

Why Girls Choose Bad Boys Over Nice Ones:

While reading articles on Quora, I came across this question by a girl that why girls want bad boys over nice ones. I started pondering over my own life choices and realised that most of the people are chose where not that great too. It was fun being with them but I cannot label them as a “good guy”.

Here are some of the reasons I feel that makes girls attracted towards bad guys then the nice ones:

  1. Not every girl wants commitment and bad ones never ask for one. Instead of getting into a relationship and breaking the heart of a good guy, we prefer having fun with a bad guy so that when things do not work out, we can break off things without upsetting anyone.
  2. They just know how to have fun and are too adventurous. A good guy would always keep making plans that would include safety and lots of planning while the bad ones are spontaneous. They don’t keep waiting for the perfect moment, they just pick up the moment and make it perfect.
  3. Everyone loves mystery, and the bad ones are like one of those mysterious creatures who have a lot of skeletons in their closets. At times, there is a whole story behind the good guy turning into a bad one.
  4. A good guy is always there for you no matter what and I feel that being available is something nobody appreciates nowadays.
  5. Somehow, whenever I hear the word “bad boy”, an imagine of a handsome, dashing and hot guy pops up in my head. Maybe because in every movie or series that we follow, a bad guy is always the hot one. Like the hot shot “Damon Salvatore” from “The Vampire Diaries” or the dashing “Klaus Mikaelson” from “The Originals”, from their looks to their accent, it sweeps millions of girls off their feet.

While the term “good boy” presents the image of a mama’s boy.

  1. Bad guys do something nice once in a while that makes girls flip their feet over toes while the good ones always try to do everything right all the time making it something which is not much of a deal.
  2. There is a masochist side in every person. We are drawn towards pain and suffering. That’s the only reason; we run after guys who hurts us and fucks up with our minds.
  3. There is a human tendency of acquiring the territory which seems out of reach so if a guy runs away. We try chasing him. The good ones never run away. We don’t need to chase them. They remain where we left them, and that’s the reason we never try to chase them.
  4. I am not sure on this point, but there is a myth that the bad ones are good in bed.
  5. For women, honesty is important. When they choose a bad guy, they somewhere in their mind know that this person can hurt them or leave them and the guy never makes false promises. If he is there for her for just sex or any other need, he would be honest on her face.
  6. Some girls take their bad guy as a project to work on. They try bringing out the good in them. If they get what they are looking for then, he is hers. If not, not every relationship is meant to be.
  7. Every now and then, a girl needs to feel special. A good guy is good to everyone, so yours is not a special case while the bad one is good to his woman only. That feeling makes her melt her heart, and she feels really special.
  8. The good ones with all their kindness bore the shit out of us. A bad guy with his stern and tough looks are simpler to understand as they speak up whatever is in their mind without much thought of if it would hurt others or not. This kind of attitude is sometimes weirdly attractive.
  9. A bad guy has this certain kind of confidence which is lacking in a good guy. Maybe because he has been with a lot of ladies that he knows how to talk, make her laugh, his cheesy pickup lines, flirtatious moves, everything makes us feel special in some way. In the case of a good guy, he is with you because he genuinely likes you and you feel super pressurized to perform in front of someone you like.

Despite every trait, a bad guy being a bad guy does not stick around much and however, strong you may be your heart breaks into millions of pieces. This is the time when your good guy comes to the rescue and proves that how worthy he is for you.

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